Keeping it fresh

October 22, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

(first published in 2016)

A couple of weeks ago I was scrounging a ride between gigs, when the question was posed "how do you not tire of shooting the same thing again and again?". At the time I (hope that I) managed to explain myself *reasonably* adequately, but the question was clearly filed away by the brain cell for further rumination, because I woke up thinking about it a while later.

Answer - no two gigs are ever the same. Photographing a wide variety of bands is great, but there’s something I enjoy about spending time with the same people that’s very different to photographing a band as a one-off. Different venues, stages, lighting conditions, lenses, viewpoints...the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) changes in the way people interact from gig to gig...each night is is self-contained and unique. Some days bring challenges, others can be serendipitous in nature (and that’s all without mentioning having the time and space to build a level of trust, which should never be taken for granted).

I guess it’s my equivalent of changing up the set or changing an arrangement, finding a different groove, going off-road, or bringing up different guests for different songs.  Essentially it comes down to colours and shapes and expressions, and where the mood and my gut take me. If things were the same night after night after night I’m sure there's a chance that I’d eventually run out of steam...but that hasn't happened yet.