As you visit, browse, access or otherwise use the Photographer’s Website or Service or communicate with the Photographer, you may be asked to disclose certain Personal Information so that the Photographer can make you aware of the Website and provide you with access to the Service. So that you can reasonably determine whether to disclose your Personal Information to Photographer via the Website, or Service, the Photographer is providing you with these guidelines about how the Photographer collects uses and stores Personal Information. By visiting, accessing, browsing or using the Website, and by creating an account, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Online Privacy Policy. This Online Privacy Policy only applies to Personal Information collected on the Website and does not apply to information collected by the Company from you through any other means or to any third party link accessible through the Website. The Online Privacy Policy covers how the Photographer collects uses stores and shares Personal Information submitted and collected online as of the date upon which this Online Privacy Policy is posted (or as may be amended from time to time and posted on the Website). The Photographer may change this Online Privacy Policy at any time, for any reason. Any such changes, revisions, alterations or deletions made to this Online Privacy Policy shall become effective immediately upon posting. It is therefore important for you to visit this Online Privacy Policy from time to time.


“Personal Information,” for purposes of this Privacy Policy shall mean data that is unique to an individual, such as a name, address, credit card or debit card number, e-mail address, postal or billing address and telephone number, whether contained in text or electronic messages, or mobile applications downloaded from our Website (if applicable) and providing dedicated non-browser based communications between the Photographer and you.

“Non-personal Identifiable Information” shall mean any and all information, other than Personal Information, that does not identify a specific individual. Non-personal Identifiable Information may include your equipment, device, operating system or browser used to visit, access, browse or use the Website or Service; a your visiting or browsing or accessing or using activity or actions; summary information respecting our entire user base that may be collected by Photographer or its third party servers, including information about ads, sponsorships, products, goods or services provided through Third Party Links presented and clicked upon by you; any other information which provides Photographer with anonymous usage data (including, but not limited to, the number of unique visits, pages visited or navigational preferences); web browser information for facilitating communications between you and Photographer (including your MAC or IP address); “Cookies” or “Flash Cookies” or “Clear Gifts” technology allowing the Company to track repeat users and user’s usage patterns; Client-side page tagging or Pixel or Beacons tagging activities that allow the Company to make servicing users more efficient, and; content in any form or medium voluntarily submitted to the Company for posting and critique by Company representatives or users. The Company may provide, sell or transfer Non-personal Identifiable Information about user sales, traffic patterns, preferences or any other related Website or Service information to third parties.


Collection and Use of Personal Information

The Photographer only collects Personal Information voluntarily given to us by you. The Photographer does not require Visitors to provide it with any Personal Information to access public areas of our website; however, the Photographer may use or collect a Visitor’s IP Address and other diagnostic information to: a) diagnose problems with the Photographer server or Website or b) to identify you during your registration.

Subject to the further conditions contained herein,

The Photographer may use Personal Information for the following purposes:

a) Verifying a Customer's identity so that we can be sure that all of communications are secure and confidential;

b) Responding to inquiries or requests from a Customer;

c) Delivering the Service to a Customer in the most efficient manner;

d) Providing a Customer with specific information requested by a Customer, the request for which information constitutes Customer's consent to be contacted;

A Customer may update Customer Personal Information that a Customer provides to the Photographer by logging on to “My Account” in accordance with the instructions posted on the Website. A Customer may also request deletion or correction of its Personal Information or privacy preferences by emailing us at t[email protected].

Subject to the further terms hereof, the Photographer will not sell, license or otherwise transfer any rights to Personal Information to any third party unless a) expressly authorized by you; or b) such license, sale or other transfer is in connection with the sale, transfer, merger, reorganization, consolidation or other transaction involving all or part of the Photographer.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Photographer will or may transmit or disclose Personal Information to third parties in the following circumstances:

  • a)The Photographer uses certain third party contractors or vendors to perform certain services for us, including, but not limited to, webhosting, website maintenance and performance improvement tasks.
  •  When any user or visitor subscribes to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) the computing device is assigned an IP Address, which the Photographer will track and store to manage security and monitor usage volume and patterns. 
  • b)The Photographer will disclose Personal Information: 1) if it is required to do so law or regulation or judicial order; 2) if we receive a validly issued subpoena issued by a court of competent jurisdiction; 3) to defend or enforce the Photographer rights under any Agreement between a User and the Photographer, including but not limited to this Online Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use relating to this Website or 4) if a you consent to the disclosure. 



Personal information and Non-Personal Identifiable Information may be collected, transferred or stored at a destination outside the EEA. Such information may be processed by staff operating outside the EEA who may work for either Photographer directly or contractors retained by the Photographer to process such information, fulfill any order for Service, process payment or billing as well as support services. By submitting any information, an EEA user agrees to this collection, storing and transferring of information. Photographer agrees to take all reasonable steps to ensure your data is treated securely in accordance with this Online Privacy Policy.

The Photographer does not share Personal Information with third parties for their marketing purposes and will not do so without prior written consent. 

Account Cancellation; Deletion of Personal Information

Customers desiring to cancel our terminate the Service may do so by logging on to its account, proceeding to the “My Account” section for billing and following the prompts for termination. .


All Customers acknowledge that no 100% guarantee can be made regarding the security of any data transmission over the Internet or any wireless network. Users accordingly acknowledge that: 1) there are security and privacy limitations respecting data transmissions over the Internet and in wireless networks; 2) the Photographer  shall have no liability to any user, Member or third party for any loss, disclosure, alteration, modification or misuse of an information transmitted via the Internet or wirelessly; and 3) any information transmitted over the Internet or wirelessly may be subject to viewing or being tampered with by an unauthorized third party.