Free mini-portrait sessions

May 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I had an idea yesterday.

Things have been a little quiet recently - I've stayed close to home for a number of reasons, and haven't worked at a gig for a couple of months. All that changes shortly - Homemade Sin are back in the UK and Europe, and I will be at most of the UK dates (all but 3*, by my most recent reckoning).

It struck me that I will probably have little pockets of time available pre-gig on quite a few dates.

So, logistics and weather permitting, I am offering free mini-portrait sessions (and by mini I mean 5-10 minutes tops!) in whatever locations near venues I can find, early evening close to door times. This is not just for people going to the gigs (though you should definitely be doing that too, dates & ticket links are available at, but for anyone living in those areas who can come down to meet me for a few minutes. Singles, couples, friends, family groups, pets - all welcome 

It will be totally informal (silliness is actively encouraged). No modelling experience necessary - basically all I want to do is use bits of free time to meet people and give them the chance to get a nice photo with minimal fuss and no obligation. Above all it should be fun! 

Willing victims will get a private online gallery of the best photos to look at, one complimentary web-res shot for Facebook etc, and the option to buy prints or digital files at a reduced price. In return I will ask you to sign a model release allowing me to put you on my website (don’t worry, you won’t find yourself advertising anything dubious on a billboard in years to come!).

N.B. Pics are intended for personal use, not as headshots/promos - those are longer sessions that come with a set of fully edited images and a range of usage rights included in the fee and details can be found elsewhere on this site.

Some days are going to be a lot more tight for time than others, and in a couple of cases I won’t be able to confirm times until we have assessed the traffic. I’ve never tried doing this on a road trip before, so I will be flying by the seat of my pants. If you're interested, please send me a message - it will be first come first served to grab a slot. 

*(I won't be at Wildfire Fest or Middle of Nowhere Fest, or at the Sutton date, but all other UK dates should be doable)


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