Photography Services & Pricing - 2017 FAQ 

If you're looking for a photographer for yourself or your band, the best advice I can give is to find someone whose style speaks to you. A photographer's website should give you a good idea of the type and quality of work they do, and what their strengths are. If you've already decided that you like my style, please read on!

What sort of photography do you do?

Concert photography, meet & greets, 'behind the scenes' (gig/video shoot/rehearsal/recording studio), press/promotional shoots/environmental portraits. Live music is my first love (this site exists primarily to get people excited about going to see bands) , and all of the other areas revolve like little satellites around it.

See my published work page for some examples of how my photos have been used commercially.  

I need promo shots but I really hate having my photo taken

I do know how you feel (I finally forced myself out of my comfort zone by using myself as a test subject, over and over again, and doing silly stuff like the picture below). My goal is for you to be comfortable and enjoy the experience (and love the end result!). We can talk beforehand about any ideas you have, your likes and dislikes, and how you would like to present yourself, but ultimately, don’t be scared of showing the 'real you' to the world. Did you realise that we never see ourselves exactly as other people see us? What we see in mirrors informs our self-image. It can be jarring to see yourself flipped around and caught still, especially if you don't often have photos taken, and I understand that. I will help out with a little direction.

What kind of editing do you do with the photos?

Standard editing includes cropping, adjusting clarity and vibrance, white balance and colour correction. That's really it for concert photos. For offstage shots/portraits I may also remove temporary blemishes (e.g. spots and pimples that are only there for a moment in time), and/or do minor skin smoothing. Standard editing does NOT include reshaping body parts, eliminating wrinkles, further retouching, or levitating! If you want additional retouching or SFX on your photos in Photoshop, this may be possible for a fee, depending on what’s needed, but this service is not guaranteed. If you think you might want something extra, then let's talk about it; I'll be upfront with you on what I can and can't do.

When are you available?

During 2017 I am taking evening and weekend bookings.

How much do you charge?

General hire rates:

  • Hourly rate: £75  (all bookings are subject to a minimum 1 hour/£75 fee) + travel + licensing
  • Half day rate (up to 4 hours): £250 + travel + licensing
  • Full day rate (up to 8 hours): £450 + travel + licensing

Rates for unsigned bands:

  • Gig coverage: £75
  • Promotional package: £150 

What does a promotional package include?

One hour photo shoot, selection and preparation of images, an online proofing gallery, editing time for ten selected images, delivery of a final gallery with a license for promotional & editorial usage, downloads and print ordering enabled (commercial use e.g. for merchandise and albums is charged independently). If you need more than the agreed number of edited photos, you can pay for additional images as you wish. 

How do I book you?

Contact me through this website. Once we've agreed a date, I will require a £25 non-refundable deposit to secure it - at the point of payment of this deposit, your session is officially booked. You can also message me through my facebook photography page.

Do you have a studio?

No. I work on location using portable lighting equipment and available light.

Are you insured?

Yes! I have full public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

You take a lot of pictures during a gig/photo shoot - can I see everything?

That simply wouldn't be practical or sensible! Before you see your gallery, I will eliminate duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots, misfires, shots with unflattering expressions, blinking etc. 

Can I print my photos?

Absolutely! You receive a password protected gallery of your final choices with digital downloads enabled, and a license to use for personal/promotional/editorial purposes (or anything else that we've agreed). For your convenience, you can also order prints direct from the web gallery.

Can I have the raw files to edit myself?

No. That would be akin to a chef giving you raw ingredients and asking you to make the meal yourself. 

What if I have to cancel?

Cancellations are charged as follows:

  • Cancellation between booking date and 1 week prior to event/shoot date - Forfeit deposit
  • Cancellation within a week of event/shoot date - 50% of total cost payable
  • Cancellation within 24 hours of event/shoot date - 100% of total cost payable

What's your turnaround time?

For gigs you can usually expect your preview gallery within 24-48 hours. Meet & greets/portraits/behind the scenes jobs will generally be ready for viewing within a week. These are guide times - when you book your date I will be able to give you a more accurate estimate.

I don't want to book you for a new shoot, but you've published pics of my band on social media that I want to use- what can I do with them?

  • Yes to sharing, liking, retweeting, commenting.
  • No to cropping, screen capping, editing, instagram filtering or saving and reuploading to your own accounts unless you have paid for the rights to do so.
  • No watermark removal 
  • Include a link back to tag @bandsonstage on twitter or instagram.
  • Photos can also be licensed to you for promotional or commercial use

If you find ANY photo online that you're interested in using, and the licensing info isn't obviously available, always contact the photographer BEFORE using it for anything! This can save everyone involved no end of time, hassle and expense.

What's the small print?

  • I retain the copyright to all images.
  • The cost of commercially licensing images varies according to desired usage. Charges are calculated on a per image or per job basis depending on desired use/quantity. All charges are made in UK £ sterling.
  • Photographs cannot be resold, nor credited under a different name.
  • Unauthorised usage may be subject to invoicing at 300% of standard licensing charge.

Want to know a little more about pricing, copyright and image rights? Read this very useful set of FAQs for clients published by The Association of Photographers.

Last updated April 2017