Concert photography, promotional/environmental portraits, documentary, album artwork and more.

Unsigned band press pack £150 - an hour of photography (on or offstage), secure online preview gallery, web-res images for your own social media and band website use, three hi-res retouched images with a license for promotional & editorial use.  


General hire rates (evenings/weekends):

  • Hourly: £75 (1 hour minimum booking)
  • Half day/evening (up to 4 hours): £250  
  • Day (up to 8 hours): £450 
  • Late finish (after 11pm): £50 supplement

Travel costs and licensing of images will be charged separately. 

You've published pics of my band that I like - how can I use them?

  • You're welcome to share images using the share buttons on the page that they are published on, but no saving and re-uploading to your own pages/accounts is permitted unless you have paid for the rights to do so
  • No cropping, screen capturing, editing, filtering, or watermark removal 
  • You can license photos for your promotion/press or commercial use at any point should you wish. The cost of commercially licensing images varies according to usage, and charges are calculated on a per image or per job basis.

Do you sell prints to fans?

Only with the permission of the artist. 

Small print:

  • I retain the copyright to all images.
  •  Photographs cannot be resold, nor credited under a different name.
  • Unauthorised usage may be subject to invoicing at 300% of standard licensing charge.

Last updated: 2017