Name: Trudi

Photography experience: 12+ years in every kind of venue from pub to festival stage. 

How did you get started? My introduction to this crazy, colourful world of music and performance was when I saw Twisted Sister on TV for the first time at age eleven (although it would be a further twenty years or so before my brain joined the dots and I started using a camera to try to explain how music makes me feel). 

Goals: Making people happy.

Who do you work with? Typically bands or venues. I've been published internationally and my photos have been featured in the artwork for albums, posters, t-shirts, websites etc.). I was house photographer for Brooklyn Bowl London from Feb 2015 until the venue's closure in Jan 2017, one of the photography team for Camden Rocks festival in 2014 and 2015, and volunteered photos and occasional reviews to Pure Rawk webzine between 2006 and 2016. 

Favourite aspects of what you do?  Immersion in the performance, weird and unusual vantage points, jump shots, working with creative people (some of my favourite musicians/humans on the planet), translating the feelings artists get from being on stage into still images. The fact that no two shows are exactly the same and there's always something different to see and shoot. I'm a big fan of environmental portraits as well as turning the camera on the audience - I love to show people how great the atmosphere at a gig can be, and encourage them to go out and see bands and experience it for themselves.

Favourite photo: I haven't taken it yet! 

Ninja level: Pro! I strongly believe that photography shouldn't be a distraction, or break the connection between the band and the audience. You can get great photos without getting in anyone's way. Respect for your environment - someone else's workplace - is so important. 

Parting thoughts?  Finding a photographer who is a good match for you in style, vision and personality is really a key to getting great photos that will engage your fans and draw more people in.

TK by DB - 2016TK by DB - 2016

TK by DB (turning the tables) - 2016