Name: Trudi

Photography experience: 12+ years in every kind of venue from pub to festival stage

Likes: Coffee, peanut butter pretzels, chokladflarn, gig-related travel

Nemeses: Coriander, "MyTown" syndrome (those that announce tours will know of this!)

If you could have one superpower? Teleportation

Favourite photo: I haven't taken it yet!

Favourite aspects of what you do?  Total immersion, trust, weird vantage points, jump shots, working with creative people (some of my clients are also some of my favourite musicians/humans on the planet. Shhh, don't tell them!)

Goals: Happy clients. When musicians tell me I've captured how they feel when they're playing, or fellow music fans say that looking at my photos is almost as good as being there - that, right there, is what it's all about. 

Ninja level: Pro! I work very discreetly. I strongly believe that photography shouldn't be a distraction, or break the connection between the band and the audience. 

Parting thoughts?  There's a kind of magic in seeing how a show unfolds. That's why this site is part portfolio, part memory bank. I hate the thought of a story languishing on a hard drive never to be seen, especially if it'll make someone, somewhere smile... 

My introduction to this crazy, colourful world of music and performance was when I saw Twisted Sister on TV for the first time at age eleven (although it would be a further twenty years before my brain joined the dots and I started using a camera to try to explain how music makes me feel). I love to show people how great live music is, and encourage them to go out and see bands and experience it for themselves.

I work directly for bands, agents, venues, guitar companies, and love to throw ideas around with anyone needing strong live images. My photos have been featured in the artwork for 30 CD/DVD/EP releases to date (as well as posters, magazines, books, prints, t-shirts, websites etc.)

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Cartoon-style self-portrait of Trudi Trudi Knight